Rim Seal Protection for Floating Roof Tanks DCP Based Auto - Detection and Extinguishing System


Rim Seal Protection for Floating Roof Tanks DCP Based Auto - Detection and Extinguishing System

Floating roof tanks are considered to be the safest hydrocarbon storage vessel with respect to its vapor suppression ability. Even in these tanks, there exists an area, which exposes the hydrocarbon vapor to air, which is known as rim seal area.

The Shiva Fire Protection System for Floating Roof Tank is a fully automated extinguishing system. It is specifically designed and manufactured for extreme fast detection and extinction of any type of rim seal fires as per the National & International Safety Standards.

Basic System

  • DCP Vessel charged with DCP of 100 kgs and pressurized with N2 as expel lent gas·
  • DCP Discharge Manifold with spray nozzles evenly spaced at a distance of 1.5 meters to cover one segment of rim seal approximately 40 meters·
  • Specially designed to discharge DCP in less than 40 seconds.


  • Class 1 type heat detection with UL/Vds approval.
  • Non-pressurized detection element hence the chances of leakages are ruled out.
  • Replaces existing Halon Systems.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Easy to install on existing or new floating roof tanks.
  • Low maintenance cost and easy to refill or re-pressurize.
  • Continuously monitoring system for leaks detection.
  • Suitable for any different seal configuration.
  • Reusable detection system over rides installation cost.
  • Replenishment cost very economic.
  • Alarm threshold an be set as per site requirement.
  • Mechanical strength of detection system is very high since metallic tube is used.
  • Event logging for specific parameter and events.
  • Fast response which minimizes the fire damage.
  • Highly versatile – free from false alarm fail-safe.

Technical Details